Stop Mold Growth Fast

Stop Mold Growth Fast

Choose us for mold removal in the Jeffersonton, VA area

If you're worried about mold growth at your property in the Jeffersonton, VA area, call on the pros at Better Restoration LLC for mold removal. We'll inspect your home from top to bottom for signs of mold. If we discover any mold growth, we'll fog your property and use a HEPA vacuum to remove any spores.

Call 703-474-0908 today to set up mold remediation services. We also offer mold testing services. However, if we test your home for mold, we can't also perform remediation, as that would be a conflict of interest.

Know the signs of a mold problem

Not sure if you need mold remediation services? You might be dealing with a mold problem if:

  • Your home flooded recently
  • You notice black spots on your walls or ceilings
  • You have itchy or watery eyes whenever you're at home

Whether you've got mold in your bathroom or crawl space, Better Restoration can help. Contact us today to arrange for mold removal. Be sure to ask about crawl space moisture control when you call.